AURA Table Lamp

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AURA is a stylish and contemporary desk lamp with a strong character. At a glance, it presents a classic silhouette for a lamp of its kind, but soon after it reveals his sculptural, refined, and clean style. The unusual choice of Carrara marble for a design commonly inclined to a choice of synthetic materials, in combination with the aluminum oxide, makes this lamp an exceptional piece of design intended to remain in time. The lamp is powered high lumen LEDs that reflect the light on its aerial wing, generating in this way a pleasant and relaxing aura for a soft and cozy ambiance.

This lamp is a one-off piece of art.

Made in Italy

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This lamp is a unique, one-off, desk lamp designed by Stefano Rubertelli for Matlight Milano.

Peso 3.5 kg
Dimensioni 60 × 20 × 35 cm

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